Pal Mar Wall  

Pal Mar Wall - plateau with the depth from 6 to 30 meters. It is possible to go down from the plateau on a sandy bottom with rays, angelsharks, and even runs of barracudas. The dive site is located near to a farm of dolphinfish cultivation; therefore, dolphins are very often to see here. This dive site will be interesting for divers of any level. 


La Caleta  

La Caleta - this reef is a volcanic plateau with two islands raised over the sea surface. The depth makes from 6 m to 22 m; often there are moderate currents. The hardened lava created arches, craters and "mushrooms", serving as a shelter for rays, cuttlefishes and sea slugs. 
This site is perfect both for beginners and skilled divers. 




Neptun cave  

Neptun cave is a small through cave at a depth of 23 meters, with daylight. This is a dive site of medium complexity, because of frequent currents. The cave shelters the run of cornetfishes and big spiny lobster constantly living there. The Canary crab and rays are also often to see there. 
This site suits well for experienced divers 



Montana Amarilla  

Montana Amarilla or the Yellow Mountain. The dive site is situated in the tourist are called Costa Del Silencio. This is a very popular place for diving. Here you may enjoy the peculiar lava formations – rocks, arcs filled with colored corals and sponges. An underwater mountain with arcs and grottoes rises from the flat sandy sea bottom. A 4 meter wide cave allows getting inside easily. Grottoes and small caves became a great shelter for fish and other sea creatures. You can meet cuttlefish, sea eels, morays, lobsters, spider crabs, big shoals of fish, stingrays, octopi, barracudas and angel sharks. Depth of the dive site – 14-35 meters.  
This is a suitable dive site for both beginners and experienced divers. 




Los Chuchos  

Los Chuchos dive site – one of the most popular destinations among divers who come to Tenerife. The dive site is situated near the southern town called Las Galletas. Only a few hundreds of meters away from the entrance to the bay there is a small wreck, where all the interesting things are going on. Close to the shipwreck there are a dozen of lured rays, which are always happy to enjoy the food you give them. Also there are morays, octopi, cuttlefish, madrigals, angel sharks, swarms of eels and sometimes even turtles. 
Feeding the rays and also having colourful pictures in the shoal of silver shining fish are the must do rituals, so make sure you bring a camera to this dive! 
Diving depth: 18-22 meters. Visibility: around 40 meters 
This is a suitable dive site for both beginners and experienced divers. 




El Meridian  

A sunken ship El Meridian lies at the sand sea bed near the rocky reef. El Meridian used to be a minesweeping ship during the World War II and after the war was over became a fishing boat. In 1973 Wolfgang Mertis restored and renovated it, after which Meridian was taking tourists to sea trips. Today El Meridian is an artificial reef with abundant sea ecosystem. You can get there by boat; such trip will take no more than 10 minutes. El Meridian lies at 30 meters depth and provides a great opportunity to explore the wreck. 




Maria Virgine  

The Virgin Maria statue was lowered at a depth of 32 m by fishermen seeking for protection of the Blessed Virgin. After many years, the statue got overgrown with soft sponges. Nearby, there is a tablet in honour of Jacques Cousteau, at the depth of 38 meters. This dive site is rich in rays, morays, and runs of barracudas. 
This site is for advanced and confident divers.




Divesite Los Cerebros  

There is a picturesque cave not far from a small place called Playa San Juan. One of the most interesting dive sites in Tenerife. The beauty and uncommonness of this place captivate even experienced divers. An incredible cave is of volcanic origin. The cave is made of several relatively narrow passages of different height, which were formed because of the instant contact of the liquid lava and seawater. The entrance to the cave is at 10 meters depth and its length is around 90 meters. Outside the cave there are many separate prismatic obelisk pillars. If you take a lantern with you, a great play of light awaits you in the cave. The cave is protected from the surroundings by the column of sea sponges, which are very rare to see in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can see rays, rockfish, parrotfish, shrimps, crabs and fireworms. 



Palm Mar Cave 

well know Palm Mar Cave dive site is a plateau that lays 15-17 meters deep underwater. On 27 meter depth there is an entrance to the cave, not far from which there is a crucifix and a statue of Madonna with the baby on her hands. It is called to bless the fishermen which go to sea from Los Cristianos port. The cave with several galleries is located on the depth 16-38 meters. The whole wall is covered with small holes, where morays live. Around the cave one can see rock yield from the sandy seabed, which gradually extends into the depth. In winter time the cave becomes a frequently visited place for mating game of the Atlantic stingrays. Visibility: 30-40 meters. 
It’s a suitable dive sit for both beginners and experienced divers. 



Cave Ali-Baba  

Ali-Baba Cave (Cuevas de Ali -Baba) or The Ali Baba’s Cave. The dive begins with descending to the plateau at 30 meters depth, after than rounding the ledge you will descend deeper to the sandy sea bottom where the entrance to the cave is. It is recommended to take a light with you to have a better look at the walls covered with shrimps and black corals. Sea breams, stingrays, barracudas, angel sharks dwell here; you may even meet glass fish here. The depth of the dive site is 40 meters. 
This is a suitable dive site for experienced divers. 



Punta Rasca  

Punta Rasca - this volcanic plateau, protruding far into the sea, with a denting at the depth of app. 30 meters, shelters black corals, runs of tunas, barracudas, and rays, hidden in canyons. Excellent visibility opens a marvellous slope with volcanic formations. After plunging at 40 meters, you can do down to 90 m or start rising. 
Minimal required level of the diver - Deep level 
The site suits mainly for advanced divers.




El Sueño  

Surprisingly gorgeous dive site starts at the depth of 30 and goes down to to the depth of 90 m and deeper. Orange corals grow on a slope of volcanic plateau, mainly at the depths from 50 m. A tremendous view on barracudas run opens through an arch in the canyon overgrown with black corals. 
This site is for technical divers of advanced level. 



Veril del Farro  

This volcanic plateau on the Southern Cape of Tenerife Island, beginning at the depth of 30 m, is famous with strong currents. Peckled with arches and through grottoes at the depths from 25 to 45 meters, this dives site will be interesting for technical or deep-sea recreational diver. Decompression will never be boring with curious cuttlefishes. 



Playa Paraiso  

Playa Paraiso - a volcanic plateau protruding far to the sea with the depth from 4 to 33 m. The deep part of the site is a fanciful pile of huge boulders and cooled down basalts with the form of small arches and grottoes, serving as habitat for sea anemones and shrimps and as a shelter and protection for the runs of spot fin croakers. The shallow part is overgrown with sponges and shelters octopuses and cuttlefishes. 
This site suits both for beginners and experienced divers. 




El Condecito  

El Condecito is a place where a ship wreck lies at a shallow depth. Most of the deckhouse has been nearly destroyed; the wreck cracked having opened the boilerhouse and the engines to the sight of the curious divers. The remaining parts give an opportunity to get into the hull, feel this old tragedy, stroll around the cabins and the bilge of the ship. Flute fish, octopi, striped barracudas, fire caterpillars and other sea creature live both inside and around the wreck. Depth: 12-18 meters,. 
This is a suitable dive site for both beginners and experienced divers. 




Las Rosas  

Las Rosas is a barrier with shallow caves and tunnels, formations among the volcanic stones. While diving one may see coloured corals on the rocks and shoals of tiny fish shining in the sun. The depth of this dive site 6 to 30 meters. Among the sea creatures that inhabit this place you may see the Atlantic stingrays, seals, butterfly rays, flute fish, zebra sea bream, barracudas, the Canary lobster, octopi; and at 30 meters depth you may enjoy the view of the black corals. The underwater flora and fauna of this dive site improved significantly since it was cleaned from the sea urchins that used to live here in great numbers. 
This is a suitable dive site for both beginners and experienced divers.